BREAKING: US WARNS Americans Russia Could Invade Ukraine During Olympics [VIDEO]

By 100 Percent FED Up


The US State Department is warning Americans to IMMEDIATELY leave the country of Ukraine.


There is purported to be evidence that Russian troops are allegedly poised to begin an invasion.


Russian Troops amassing on Ukraine Border


This afternoon, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan warned that a Russian invasion of Ukraine could happen during the Olympics. He urged Americans to leave immediately.


The Biden regime is desperately trying to avoid another Afghanistan debacle before the mid-term elections like that time they stranded American citizens and Afghan allies behind enemy lines last year in a horribly botched evacuation. This time the Biden Regime apparently has a plan in place to evacuate Americans via Poland.


Despite the repeated Russian denials, one only needs to remember what happened in the Ukraine province of Crimea when unmarked armor personnel carriers began showing up on the streets of Crimea. In 2014 the Russian military invaded Crimea and annexed it into the Russian Federation. During the 2014 Russian invasion of Crimea, the Eastern regions of Ukraine [Donbas] with its 2 million Russian Immigrants actually supported the occupation. This conflict dates back to the days of the former Soviet Union [USSR] when Soviet General Secretary Nikita Khrushchev on January 25, 1954, transferred the Crimean Peninsula from the Russian State to the Ukraine State. This was done to [reportedly] appease Ukraine and make amends from the action in 1944 by Soviet Dictator Joseph Stalin’s ethnic cleansing of Crimean [Tatars] native population and their subsequent replacement by ethnic Russians under communist rule.

Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet “About the transfer of the Crimean Oblast”. Supreme Council Herald, 9 March 1954.


It seems like Russian President Vladimir Putin may be making use of current US and Canadian domestic upheaval found here under President Biden and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to make good on Russian claims on Eastern Ukraine.

There are reports today of Russian military vehicles already on the move in the Donbas region using the same tactic seen during the 2014 invasion of Crimea.


This is a developing story and we will be publishing updates to keep you informed as the situation warrants.

Remember–When all else fails they [Globalists] take you to war.


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