BREAKING News From Marjorie Taylor Greene- What She Just SAW And EXPOSED In DC HELL-HOLE Holding J6 Political Prisoners MUST BE SPREAD EVERYWHERE


Okay- we here at Americas Freedom Fighters are huge fans of Conservative ROCK STAR Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. This woman is the real deal.

After numerous attempts to see the prisoners that protested the rigged outcome of the election at the Capitol on Jan 6 she finally got in to meet them and see the horrific conditions she exposed what she saw in several interviews.

The Gateway Pundit reports that Greene joined Steve Bannon on The War Room to describe the conditions at the prison for Trump supporters.


Marjorie Taylor Greene says the prisoners are denied haircuts and Catholic prisoners are denied Communion at the prison. The guards tell them they must get vaccinated first.


Greene then told Steve Bannon that the prisoners believe the staff is putting chemicals and even pubic hair in their food. This is an assault on All Americans. What a dark time in American history.


Here’s that video and another video below:

MTG: Jan. 6 Political Prisoners Denied Haircuts and Communion if They Will Not Take Vaccine — Find Pubic Hair in Their Chili (VIDEO)



Here’s another interview:

Julie Kelly is the leading expert on the treatment of the January 6th defendants.



This is absolutely unacceptable and we will not stand for this political bullshit.

Expect a hell of a lot of lawsuits.

This is AMERICA!


H/T to our friends at America’s Freedom Fighters for this article.

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