BREAKING: New Mexico Senate Passes Red Flag Laws And Sheriffs Across The State Are Up In Arms

By Chris “Badger” Thomas at Breaking First

A red flag gun seizure bill opposed by the vast majority of the state’s sheriffs and rank and file police officers was narrowly approved by the New Mexico State Senate on Friday on a 22-20 vote. The Albuquerque Journal reports that the controversial bill is expected to pass the House as well, and could get to Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s desk before the legislative session ends in less than two weeks. Bearing Arms


“We have an obligation to every single New Mexican, every single family, every single child that we do everything in our power that can provide just that additional layer of safety and public support,” Lujan Grisham said during a news conference after Friday’s vote.

This year’s red flag gun bill, Senate Bill 5, has divided New Mexico’s law enforcement ranks. Thirty of the state’s 33 county sheriffs oppose the measure, while State Police Chief Tim Johnson and top Albuquerque Police Department officials support it.

Sheriffs across much of New Mexico are opposed to a proposal from Democratic lawmakers that would allow police or relatives to ask a court to temporarily take away guns from people who might hurt themselves or others.


Red flag laws are state laws that are known by various names, including “Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs),” “gun-violence restraining orders” and “risk warrants.” They allow law enforcement, family members and even medical professionals in some states to petition the court to temporarily remove firearms and ammunition from a person who is believed to present a danger to himself or herself or others.


A judge rules and, if the order is signed, law enforcement confiscates the firearms and ammunition from the person. The person also loses any concealed carry permits he or she may have and is prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms, typically for up to one year.


All we have to do is follow what has happened in Virginia to see that if, “We The People” continue to tolerate the immense corruption and destruction of our rights, the political machine will continue to grow and we will be forced to our knees.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

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