BREAKING: Giuliani Lays Out ‘RICO’ Case And Allegations Of ‘Bribery’ Involving Joe Biden, Family, And Ukraine

Sounds like Joe Biden has a lot more to be worried about than just being bested by socialist Bernie Sanders

By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) If presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani is only half-right about the evidence he says he has collected involving Ukraine, former Vice President Joe Biden and his family members, it would appear that he is in serious jeopardy of never making it back into the White House.


During an appearance earlier this week on Fox Business Network with Lou Dobbs, Giuliani laid out what he believes is a “RICO case” against former VP Biden, brother James, and son Hunter, as well as a case to be made involving “bribery.”

As Giuliani — a former federal prosecutor — explained it, you don’t have to actually be the recipient of something valuable in order to be found guilty of engaging in bribery:

We’re doing it. We’re holding them accountable. For example, Biden has been able to get away with millions and millions of dollars in bribery – oh gosh, at least since the ‘90s. But nobody holds him accountable.


There is a Biden pattern in which Biden gets in office, his brother, his other brothers, or his son sell it [his office]. They make millions. Joe says, “I don’t know,” but they live right next door to each other. And now we see somebody going into Joe’s account. The Ukrainians prosecutors are beginning to see money going into Joe’s account. It’s going to turn out that the vice president of the United States … that office was sold for the largest amount of money ever sold.

You can look at prior vice presidents, but nothing like this has ever happened. $14-$15 million in Ukraine. Half a billion-dollar housing deal in Iraq. Half a billion dollars to a billion dollars from Bank of China are your partner?

Dobbs asks, “Are you saying to Joe Biden himself?”

Giuliani responds:

If you don’t think he shared in that, you have to be stupid, right? His son was very close to him. His brother was very close to him. Every time he was point man, American lost and the Bidens got millions. He didn’t benefit from that? And by the way, you don’t have to take the money for bribery.


If I’m the vice president and I say, “I’m going to give you what I want; give the money to my son,” that’s a bribe. The bribery statute says, “either to you or to someone else.” You don’t get off, Joe, because it’s going to your son because we know what happens when it goes to your son. Americans are not stupid. …

Crooked, crooked, crooked family. It’s a RICO case. It’s more money than a lot of organized crime families made, and a lot more money that white-collar RICO cases that I … I initiated the prosecution of white-collar [crime]…

This comes on the heels of a separate report noting that the FBI recently raided a company linked to James Biden, as per Breitbart:


The federal agents raided one of the hospitals administered by Americore Holdings, a Florida-based bankrupt hospital chain where the former vice president’s brother had a prominent role, and the house of the firm’s CEO.

Americore is “central to accusations of influence-peddling by James Biden,” Real Clear Investigations noted on Monday. …

Sounds like Joe Biden has a lot more to be worried about than just being bested by socialist Bernie Sanders.


This article originally appeared at The National Sentinel and was republished with permission.

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