BREAKING: DOJ Suing Roger Stone And Wife For $2M In “Unpaid Taxes” And Alleged FRAUD- But Racist Poverty Pimp Al Sharpton Owes THIS Much And DOJ Refuses To Touch Him

Dino Porrazzo at America’s Freedom Fighters –

Regular readers of ours know that we are huge supporters of law enforcement.

That being said, this development out of Biden’s DOJ stinks to high heaven.

It’s no secret that Stone and President Trump are friends and it’s also no secret that Biden and the democrats hate Trump with a passion.


It’s being reported that the DOJ is going after Stone for $2 Million dollars in unpaid taxes.


Stone says the suit is “politically motivated.”

Gee-you think?

Get this- The suit was “commenced at the direction of the Attorney General of the United States,” Merrick Garland.

Like I said this stinks to high heaven.


From TheBlaze:

What are the details?

The complaint filed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, claims that the Stones underpaid their taxes in the years 2007 through 2011, and in 2018, and that they owe roughly $1.997 million in unpaid taxes, fines and interest.

NBC News noted that “the government also said the Stones at one point entered into an agreement to cover taxes owed through monthly installments of nearly $20,000, but stopped paying.”

The suit also accuses the Stones of moving more than $1 million of their personal funds to an LLC they own, called Drake Ventures, which the DOJ says “evaded and frustrated the IRS’s collection efforts.”

The Stones then allegedly paid “a substantial amount of their personal expenses” from the Drake Ventures accounts, according to the feds.

The lawsuit further states:


Although they used funds held in Drake Ventures accounts to pay some of their taxes, the Stones’ use of Drake Ventures to hold their funds allowed them to shield their personal income from enforced collection and fund a lavish lifestyle despite owing nearly $2 million in unpaid taxes, interest and penalties.


Roger Stone was a target of the Mueller investigation, under which he was found guilty of lying to Congress and was sentenced to 40 months in prison. But former President Trump commuted his sentence in July 2020 before he served any prison time. Trump then pardoned Stone before he left the White House.

In reaction to the DOJ’s lawsuit, Stone told the Associated Press on Friday:


“The Internal Revenue Service is well aware of the fact that my three-year battle for freedom against the corrupted Mueller investigation has left me destitute. They’re well aware that I have no assets and that their lawsuit is politically motivated. It’s particularly interesting that my tax attorneys were not told of this action, filed at close of business on a Friday. The American people will learn, in court, that I am on the verge of bankruptcy and that there are no assets for the government to take.”


From CNBC:

The DOJ’s complaint, filed in southern Florida federal court, alleges Stone and his wife underpaid their federal income taxes for five straight years, from 2007 and 2011. The Stones owe $1,590,361.89, including interest and late-payment penalties, according to the complaint.

The lawsuit also alleges Stone did not pay his full tax bill in 2018, when he filed separately from his spouse. He owes $407,036.84 in income taxes, interest and penalties for that year, the complaint says.

It’s ridiculous to go after Roger Stone.

How about Hillary Clinton?

Hunter Biden?


Hell, how about freaking Joe Biden for God’s sake.

The bottom line is that Democrats get a pass no matter what they do while those of us on the right get screwed.

Again, regular readers of ours know that we are huge supporters of law enforcement.

But this definitely stinks to high heaven.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what’s going on.



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