BREAKING: Denver Police Officer FORCED To Take COVID Jab Or Be FIRED- Then THIS Happened To His Body Parts [W/VIDEO]


Forced Mandatory China Virus ‘vaccines.’ What could go wrong?

Apparently PLENTY!

There have been numerous reports of extreme side effects from getting the jab.


Those reports have been covered up for the most part by the government, social media platforms as well as the media.

To FOX News credit, they did report on the case of a Denver Police officer who is suffering extreme side effects including tremors, sleeplessness and the inability to feel his feet as well as not being able to walk. They interviewed the officer along with his attorney.

We will show the video at the end of this article.

The officers name is Jose Manriquez, a 7 year veteran of The Denver Police Department and a 12 year veteran of the Army National Guard.


This comes from Jose’s sister who has set up a GoFundMe account:

My brother is a 7 year veteran of The Denver Police Department and a 12 year veteran of the Army National Guard but his most important job is taking care of his 4 children and being a loving husband, son, brother and uncle. My brother was given the mandatory COVID vaccine required by the City of Denver.

The mandatory mandate stated either get the vaccine or face termination from the job he loves so much! He received the mandatory vaccine on August 22, 2021 and immediately started having a bad reaction. Since receiving the vaccine he has not been able to return to work and his future is uncertain as we do not know how long his road to recovery will be.


As the sole income provider for his family of 6. He was very involved with all of his children’s sports and activities. After receiving his vaccine my brother has developed severe tremors, he has trouble sleeping due to the amount of pain in his legs , he can’t walk without the worry of falling due to his legs giving out and has actually fallen a number of times.

Any funds raised will be used to help in his medical aid so that we can look to outside doctors for examination as his workmen comp doctors may not be able to help. In addition funds will be used in the event that he is wrongfully terminated due to his current health issues. Please consider a donation in any amount and all funds will go directly to Jose and his family . We thank you very much for your time and prayers! WE GIVE THANKS IN NAME OF THE LORD AMEN.

Officer Manriquez was on with attorney Randy Corporon on FOX News this past week to discuss his terrible situation:




So sad.

If you would like help the Manriquez family you can do so by donating here.

We certainly wish Jose and his family the best and will pray for a full recovery.

Stories like this are what is causing the public to be hesitant to take what amounts to an experimental vaccine.


And like I said earlier, most of these stories are being covered up by BIG BROTHER.

This article is not intended to discourage anyone from taking the jab- that is YOUR choice.

Or at least it should be.


H/T to our friends at America’s Freedom Fighters for this article.

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