BREAKING: Democrat-Run Cities See Shocking Increase In Carjackings… Residents Fear For Their Safety

By Amber Crawford at 100 Percent FED Up


Crime is spiraling out of control in Democrat-run cities, including Chicago, New York City, Minneapolis, and Philadelphia. Carjacking rates are doubling, tripling, and quadrupling throughout the country as young criminals grow bolder.


Last year, Chicago recorded over 1,800 carjackings, the most it’s seen in 20 years.



CBS Chicago reported that carjacking has become such a huge problem that residents in Chicago neighborhoods have become too afraid to warm up their cars or scrape snow off their cars while their car is running.

CBS conducted an interview with a woman, Eloise Zarco, who had recently been carjacked at gunpoint in front of her home in Chicago. Zarco had two armed teens rush after her with guns and demand the keys to her car. This was the third armed robbery/carjacking the teens had carried out that day alone.

“Our carjacking offenders are increasingly younger and younger,” reported Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown. “We’re trying to encourage our young people to make better decisions.” ⬇️



In New York City, carjackings have quadrupled over the last four years according to NYPD data. There were just 112 reported carjackings in 2018, and 132 in 2019. These numbers drastically increased to 328 in 2020 and surpassed 500 in 2021.


The aftermath of an NYC carjacking.


Philadelphia saw a similar increase in carjackings as NYC, nearly quadrupling as well between 2015 and 2021. Over 800 carjackings were reported last year.

While schools insist on remaining closed/remote, children and teens have more free time to engage in negative activities. The less time spent getting an education and being taught the importance of good, hard work, they are sitting home all day, many without getting properly fed by their parents, and many becoming victims of negative influences in their communities.


This article originally appeared at 100 Percent FED Up and was republished with permission.

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