BREAKING ALERT: New York THUG Viciously Kicks 78-Year-Old Lady In Face Over And Over In EXTREMELY Disturbing…

By Dino Porrazzo at America’s Freedom Fighters – 


A filthy black thug was caught on video kicking a 78-year-old lady in the face and body as she sat there helplessly during a savage attack on a subway in the Bronx.

New York Post reports that the woman, who was alone, tries to defend herself as he continues to attack her — all while other straphangers can be heard shouting in the background.

As the train was stopped at Nereid Avenue, the man yells something at his victim before turning around, looking at the camera and shouting, “WorldStar that, my n—a.” — referring to the popular social media page that is filled with violent videos. He then got off the train.


The attack was caught on video and was posted on Twitter:

Caution-extremely graphic!

Unfortunately, the leftists at Twatter removed the video because the attack was committed by a black thug and Heaven forbid that the public sees what these leftist piles of trash are doing.

The post read- “He’s crazy that’s somebody grandmother. Rt and find this asshole”

But now Twatter has this in it’s place:



Anyways, no one called 911 right away, police said, and the person behind the camera continued recording the woman as she held her hand to her head.

That scumbag should get his head kicked in for not stepping in and saving this poor woman from this Black SAVAGE.

Cops weren’t notified until the train arrived at the next and last stop, at Wakefield-241st Street station, when a bystander approached a police officer in the station.

“It’s terrible,” an MTA worker told the Post on Friday at the Nereid Avenue station. “I can’t believe something like that could happen.”

The employee, who asked to remain anonymous, said community affairs officers had been to the station Friday morning. They showed her the video, she said, but she did not recognize him.

The victim was treated at the station by EMS for bleeding and swelling but refused additional medical attention.


Investigators are hoping to speak to the victim and are searching for her attacker.

NYPD Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea pleading with the public in a tweet to come forward with any information about the attack.

“Individual below is WANTED for a heinous attack of an elderly woman aboard a #2 train on March 10, 2019, at approx 3:10am, at the Nereid Ave Station in the #Bronx,” he tweeted. “If you know who he is or have info, contact CRIMESTOPPERS @NYPDTips ANONYMOUSLY 800-577-TIPS #YourCityYourCall.”

Stories like this have become commonplace and if the race doesn’t fit the leftist narrative of WHITE SUPREMACY, they simply don’t report it.

This is a freaking hate crime, and this useless pile of garbage should spend the rest of his pathetic life in a stinking moldy prison cell.




H/t – Our friends at America’s Freedom Fighters for this article.

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