Brave Organizer of Trucker Freedom Movement, Mother of 3, Delivers Tearful Message: I’m Probably Going to Jail…”I’m okay with that…I want you to know that I’m not afraid” [VIDEO]

By Amber Crawford at 100 Percent FED Up


One of the brave organizers of the Trucker Freedom Movement and mother of 3, Tamara Lich, delivered a tearful message yesterday, February 16, telling her supporters that she is likely going to jail for her role in the Trucker Convoy.

On Facebook, Lich went live to give her followers an important message and final encouragement to keep going with this movement.

“I really wanted to get up on stage before everything happened here and send a message out,” began Lich, “but, I think I can do it here and it will probably even reach more people.”


“I just wanted to… say, first of all, thank you. Second of all to say, please keep that love in your heart. Don’t give in.”

As Lich wipes the tears from her eyes, she says, “[W]hat has happened and what is transpiring against my fellow Canadians breaks my heart.”

Mother of 3, Tamara Lich, in her emotional video


She encourages her supporters to “continue to be unified” and “spread the love” to everyone, including those who are trying to fight against their protests and those who are trying to silence their voices.

“When you see the reporters in the streets, be kind and show them love,” urged Lich. “We don’t have to agree with what they’re doing, but it upsets me when I see people upset with them… I know it’s frustrating, but we still have to have love in our hearts.”

She also asked the protestors to be kind and respectful to the police officers who are trying to stop the protests, because they are just doing their jobs. She tells her viewers to pray for them and show them love, even though they are on opposite sides of this.


Tamara Lich, an organizer of the Trucker Freedom Convoy


Lich goes on to tell the protesters to show love for Justin Trudeau, even though they may be angry at what he’s doing. She wants everyone to remember that he has a family and three daughters who shouldn’t have to see the hate directed towards their father.

“There’s a lot of rightful anger at our government, but I want you to know that Justin Trudeau has three beautiful children… so remember that. We don’t have to like what he does, but I’m gonna ask you to pray for him too. And I’m gonna ask you, when you fly a ‘F*** Trudeau’ sign, [remember] that he has three kids, just like me.”


She then informs her viewers that she will likely be going to prison for the role she has played in this movement.

“There’s a pretty good chance – well, I think it’s inevitable at this point – that I’ll probably be going somewhere tomorrow where I’ll be eating three square meals a day,” said an emotional Lich. “And that’s okay… and I want you to know that I’m not afraid.”

“Just please, stay peaceful and take care of each other.”


Watch the full video below:


Just two days prior to this Facebook Live video, Lich was joined at a press conference by former Newfoundland Premier Brian Peckford, 79, who is also the last living drafter and signatory of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

In the conference, they discussed the invoking of the Emergencies Act and what that means for their movement and their country.


This article originally appeared at 100 Percent FED Up and was republished with permission.

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