BOOM: Texas School Posts Controversial Gun Sign- Liberals Are FURIOUS

Don’t mess with TEXAS! Especially at a small school in a remote part of West Texas. These school administrators have posted up signs that make perfect sense and can only result in saving lives! Perfect!


The sign reads- “ATTENTION! Staff at this campus are armed and trained to meet threats to student safety with deadly force if necessary.” Now if I was a deranged idiot hellbent on killing school students and faculty I would NOT go into that school unless I had some sort of death wish!



Photo from Legal Insurrection


Really, more schools, businesses and residences should post these signs. Criminals are much more likely to choose UNARMED victims. Anyone with commonsense knows this. That’s why liberals disagree. They disagree with anything that makes sense though.


There is no doubt that administrators at this school believe possession of weapons deters crime, so they are willing to defy those politicians and liberals who would take away American’s right to bear arms, as clearly stated in the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. (H/T Conservative Tribune)




h/t- America’s Freedom Fighters

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