BOOM: Superstar Kayleigh McEnany SLAMS Dems for Allowing Violence and Chaos- She’s On FIRE

By: 100 Percent FED Up

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany ripped on the Democrat-run states and cities today where leaders let chaos and violence run amok. These politicians are exposing themselves as leftist radicals who don’t care about law and order for the citizens they represent. They literally sat back and let their cities get trashed and burned. They let people get assaulted and robbed.

One example of this permissive attitude is in Seattle, where the mayor lives in La La Land, saying the blocks taken over by anarchists are like a block party. This mayor was mum on the shootings and death in the CHAZ/COP” autonomous zone that’s been set up with her blessing. Minneapolis has had shootings similar to the many shootings in Brooklyn, NY, over the weekend. It’s a violent free-for-all in those cities compared to DC where President Trump stepped in to bring in the National Guard:

“In far too many Democrat-run states and Democrat-run cities, we have seen violence and chaos, and nothing like the law and order that we saw here in DC when President Trump stepped in.”



McEnany is correct about the violence and chaos in Democrat-run cities. One of the most publicized events was a shooting in Seattle where the CHAZ residents prove that you can’t have it both ways:

The ‘Warlord’ of CHAZ/CHOP filmed himself asking for help from Seattle medics and is shocked when the medics refuse to attend to a gunshot victim in the ‘Autonomous Zone.’

Perhaps Raz the ‘Warlord’ doesn’t understand that autonomous means you’re on your own and need to set up your own services. This is what these people want, right?



Monica Crowley retweeted a tweet from Raz:


Who can blame the EMT’s? They would have to have police officers to help try and get into this zone, risking their own lives…and there are NO police officers allowed in this area.

This Seattle Rapper is causing chaos and anarchy while trying to profit off of his rap and videos…He’s in it for fame and glory:


Raz is selling merchandise and his music – It’s all about Raz:



People are being led by a two-bit grifting rapper. Pathetic.


This article originally appeared at 100 Percent FED Up and was republished with permission.

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