BOOM! Ron DeSantis Makes Blue State Governors And Anthony Fauci Look Stupid AGAIN

By: Duncan Smith at The National Sentinel


Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis polled second, behind President Trump, at CPAC, which was held in his state in late February.

There’s a reason for that.


While the GOP rank-and-file belong to Trump, the GOP rank-and-file recognize that DeSantis, in terms of feistiness and policies, is definitely a Trump protégé.

Imagine, then, what a Trump-DeSantis ticket would draw in 2024?


In any event, DeSantis’ reputation as a smart, talented, conservative doer was burnished again this week after an analysis of his decision to order schools reopened amid the lingering COVID pandemic.

The news is great for him and lousy for Democratic governors like Gavin Newsom and that nursing home killer Andrew Cuomo, who continue to lock down their citizens and their economies because they’re power mad and stupid.


The Wall Street Journal reports:

As school districts around the U.S. continue to grapple with whether to reopen classrooms amid the coronavirus pandemic, data shows Florida started in-person learning without turning schools into superspreaders.

The state was one of the earliest to resume in-person instruction in August, following an executive order by Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran that directed districts to provide families the option of classroom learning five days a week or risk losing funding. The mandate triggered outcry among some teachers and parents who considered it risky, and drew unsuccessful lawsuits aimed at blocking it.

In the seven months since, Florida schools have avoided major outbreaks of Covid-19 and maintained case rates lower than those in the wider community. Mr. Corcoran said 80% of students in Florida are now attending schools in-person full- or part-time.


DeSantis and his administration made the decision months ago because they were — wait for it — following the science.

European and Asian schools have been open for months, too. They knew, as researchers knew, that kids and young teens don’t spread COVID.


DeSantis knew it, too. So he made his decision, like a leader does.

Bold conservatism wins again.


If Americans continue to believe and have faith in losers like Cuomo, Newsom, and Anthony Fauci, it’s not because these guys have earned it.


This article originally appeared at The National Sentinel and was republished with permission.

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