Bill O’Reilly Is TICKED And Blasts The Left Wing Establishment In Brutal Interview

Bill O’Reilly BLASTS Left-Wing Establishment Media ‘Assassins,’ Says, ‘I HATE These People’ (Video)

 Opinion| By: JonDougherty

Former top-rated Fox News host Bill O’Reilly lambasted so-called ‘mainstream media’ journalists as Left-wing “assassins” who he claimed were much more focused on destroying lives and careers of those opposed to them than reporting news in an unbiased manner.


In an interview with One America News Network, which is suing the Washington Post for claiming that OANN is a “Russian” propaganda outlet, O’Reilly pulled no punches when asked what he thought about the current state of the establishment media and those who comprise it.


“I’m the wrong guy to ask,” O’Reilly began, noting that during his years at Fox News, the network paid for armed 24-hour live-in security at his home due to the number of threats he received, in part because of false reporting about his show and mischaracterizing and slandering him personally.


“I’m emotional about it,” O’Reilly continued, “and I understand how dangerous…how dangerous the media is in this country today.”


The notable former host also lamented about the current state of the American justice system when it comes to its failure to hold accountable media outlets for obvious slanders wrapped up as “opinions.” He noted that courts tend to throw out lawsuits based on mischaracterizations by media outlets because they are deemed allowable under the First Amendment, especially when it comes to public figures.


That’s why the Nick Sandmann case against the Washington Postwas tossed out in recent days, O’Reilly noted.


“So we have a rotten…a rotten legal system that allows the media gutter snipes and defamers to run wild. And that’s the truth,” O’Reilly, whose new book, “The United States of Trump,”* is released next month, told OANN host Patrick Hussion.


“I’m not looking at it objectively,” the former Fox News icon continued. “I hate these people. Alright? I want everyone to know. I hate them.


“They are assassins. And I’m talking about Media Matters. I’m talking about all these George Soros-funded operations who want to hurt people with whom they disagree,” he continued.


*The National Sentinel does not earn any commissions from this book nor does Right Wing Tribune.



YouTube video courtesy of One America News Network


This article originally appeared on The National Sentinel and was republished with permission.

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