Bill And Hillary Clinton Get Booed By Thousands Of New Yorkers And They Are Cowering

Photo, above: Decked out in her favorite Kim Jong-un original, Hillary joined Bill for a night on the town Thursday which included a Billy Joel concert at Madison Square Garden. The look on Joel’s face seems to say, “I don’t think this is a good idea. Just hurry up and take the pic”

My, my, how far they have fallen! Bill and Hillary Clinton booed by uber-liberal New Yorkers at a Madison Square Garden Billy Joel concert


Opinion| ICYMI| A conservative in New York is as rare as a midsummer blizzard in Miami, and New Yorkers love no liberal icons more than their Chappequa homies, Pedobill and Hitlery Clinton. Or, at least that’s the way it used to be.

So, what does a liberal politician have to do to lose favor with brain-dead liberal voters in New York?

A lot!


Whatever that threshold may be, Slick Willie and his bride have apparently crossed it. Extramarital oral sex in the Oval Office with a young intern wasn’t enough, billions of missing charity dollars given to the Clinton Foundation, marked for donation to earthquake-ravaged Haitians, wasn’t enough. Even abandoning American heroes to die in Benghazi wasn’t enough.


Perhaps the last straw was the Jeffrey Epstein association and Bill’s many trips on the Lolita Express, or maybe it is just the cumulative shady history of the Clintons or the real-time cesspool of a soap opera that is the Clinton family.


Watch the following Fox video as Billy Joel introduces his “good friends,” the Clintons, at Madison Square Garden on Thursday night. At first the crowd cheers, then the cheers turn to boos.


Even uber-liberal New Yorkers are sick of the most criminally corrupt American couple since Bonnie and Clyde.




“The overhead screens showed the smiling face of pedophile rapist Bill Clinton and the cheering crowed started booing loudly.”

— Captain.Robt✈️ (@AA_Pilot) July 12, 2019


Maaaaan, when the Clintons are getting booed in New York??? Whew, maybe the general public really IS starting to finally wake up! #QAnon #LockThemAllUp

— AmericaAlwaysFirst (@AmericAlways1st) July 12, 2019


He mentioned them at the last concert I attended, and got booed. He said “Oh, you’re one of THOSE crowds.” LOL. Love ya, @billyjoel but I can’t support Commie rats like the Clintons. When you see what Bill’s been up to, you won’t be such a supporter.

— Captain Louis “Paco” Renault (@Ajah1551) July 12, 2019


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