Biden Tries To Trash Trump After Newly Released Job Numbers BLOW UP- Makes Himself Look Like A Complete Moron

By: Duncan Smith at The National Sentinel

Joe Biden has spent nearly his entire adult life in politics and has yet to accomplish a fraction of what President Trump has managed to accomplish in just three short years.

Sure, Biden rose to become Barack Obama’s vice president, but any credit for those eight years (and there is damned little to go around) would go to Obama, not him.

Thus, we should take anything Biden says about Trump’s massive accomplishments in that context, including Biden’s trashing of the massive job creation numbers from last month, which the president predicted would happen in March, in the context of a guy who’s done nothing with his political life versus a guy who just keeps setting new, higher political standards.


Townhall reported:

Former Vice President Joe Biden addressed the job and unemployment numbers released on Friday afternoon in a livestream from Delaware. In a shocking glimpse of recovery, the economy added 2.5 million jobs in May and the unemployment decreased to 13.3 percent.

While these shocking numbers should instill hope for economic recovery, Biden used them to criticize the Trump administration.


Biden, who has spent much of the last few months in the basement of his Delaware home, claimed that President Trump is hiding in the bunker, and that the president cannot take credit for the positive economic numbers because ‘only a fraction’ of jobs have returned.

Wow. That’s about as dishonest as it gets.

Let’s review.


Yes, there were massive job losses thanks to coronavirus-related shutdowns. But none of those shutdown orders came from our president; every single one of them came from a state governor or mayor or both.

Yes, the Trump administration issued guidelines, but that’s all they were — guidelines. Not every state followed them, however, so not every governor is responsible for our current economic downturn.


While the president never issued a nationwide lockdown order (indeed, he may not have had the constitutional authority to do so anyway), lots of Democrats and the garbage media were pushing him to order one — so they could then plausibly blame the anticipated negative economic fallout on him.

Now they’re blaming him anyway, but not plausibly.


Here’s another prediction: While job growth was massive in May, it’s going to be even bigger in June because states (for the most part) will be fully reopened and jobs will be posted (and filled) like mad.

What are Biden and his media enablers going to say then?


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