Biden Says He’s Proudest Of ‘Barack And Me’ That There Were NO SCANDALS’

By Jeff Dunetz at The Lid

Democrats refuse to admit that the Obama years were a complete and utter disaster. Two terms, few results. At least, few positive results for the country. That’s kind of a problem. And even some of those positive results were by accident like his love affair with Iranian mullahs, which gave Iran billions of dollars and a pathway to a nuclear bomb but got motivated two enemies Israel and Saudi Arabia to talk behind the scenes to help protect each other from an Iranian nuke attack. Biden no scandals

The schmo of the United States (SCHMOTUS), former Vice President Joe Biden, sees the Obama administration as perfect. He told a voter at an NH campaign stop, ““The thing I’m am proudest of with Barack and me is that there were no scandals.”

Sure, they were like boy scouts. And for eight years, they volunteered to help walk new taxes across the street.


This indicates that good ole’ Joe is either trying to BS his way to the Oval Office,  he is suffering from a form of dementia, or he is auditioning for a role in a sit-com when he loses the election.




The SCHMOTUS received some corrections on Twitter:


And that didn’t even include Joe’s interactions with Ukraine to protect his son Hunter.


If 780 isn’t enough, here is a list of 1063 Examples Of Obama Scandals, Lies, Mendacity, Etc., which was published on the Lid in January 2019.

Other tweets didn’t send him examples of scandals, just ripped the SCHMOTUS:



If a scandal falls in the forest and no fake journalists write about it, is there really any scandal?#LyinJoe #ChinaJoe @BarackObama #Biden2020

— Alt-Antifa (@AltAntifa) October 9, 2019



You get the point.

So which do you think folks, is Joe Biden lying, losing it, or does he just believe a press that treated the Obama administration as if ever one of their actions came down from Mount Sinai with Moses and the two tablets?


H/T Flag and Cross

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