Barack Obama Turns John Lewis Funeral Into DNC Convention…Angrily Accuses “Powers To Be” Of Targeting Minorities…Pushes For Mail-In Ballots…Gets Standing Ovation [VIDEO]

By: Patty McMurray at 100 Percent FED Up

America’s dirtiest president, Barack Obama, took to the podium at Rep. John Lewis’ funeral this afternoon and turned what was supposed to be a eulogy into a divisive, angry speech that sounded more like something you’d hear at a DNC rally.


The unapologetic community organizer angrily accused the “powers to be” (President Trump) of targeting minorities. He also reminded everyone of the Democrat narrative that minorities and students aren’t smart enough to figure out how to get proper IDs that can be used at the polling places to vote.


Pointing his finger, the animated president warned the guests at John Lewis’ funeral that minorities are somehow being stripped of their right to vote in America, “But even as we sit here, there are those in power who are doing their darndest to discourage people from voting, by closing polling locations—and targeting minorities and students with restrictive ID laws—and attacking our voting rights with surgical precision—even undermining the postal service in a run-up election that’s gonna be dependent on mail-in ballots so people don’t get sick!”


Barack Obama explained why instead of eulogizing John Lewis, he chose to push the Democrat Party’s talking points of mail-in voting and ID-less voting. “Now I know this is a celebration of John’s life,” he told the crowd, adding, “There are some who might say we shouldn’t dwell on such things, but that’s why I’m talking about it.”


Watch the incredible scene here:



Do any of the people in the Ebenezer Baptist Church who jumped to their feet for Barack Obama like he’s the second coming of Christ, know that in his final days in the White House, Barack Obama spent his time plotting to destroy the life of General Michael Flynn, an innocent man?


Does anyone clapping like a seal at John Lewis’ funeral care that he weaponized our intelligence community as part of a coup attempt to take down a duly elected incoming President of the United States?



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