Badass Bikers Storm Into Sturgis For Annual Motorcycle Rally With A Message Liberals Will Not Like

OPINION by: DINO PORRAZZO at Right Wing Tribune

STURGIS, S.D. – It’s that time of year folks where bikers from all over the country get together and celebrate America and freedom!

This year marks the 80th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and organizers are expecting 250,000 people from all over the country to make the 10-day event.

The rally could become the largest gathering since the coronavirus pandemic began.


Many bikers were defiant over the restrictions that have altered daily life for most Americans, FOX News reports.


“Screw COVID,” read the design on one T-shirt being sold. “I went to Sturgis.”


For Arizona resident Stephen Sample, 66, who rode his bike to the event, the gathering is a break from the mostly homebound routine of the past several months.


“I don’t want to die, but I don’t want to be cooped up all my life either,” he said.


Some of the crowd at Sturgis is composed of retirees and people in the age range deemed most at risk to suffer complications from the virus. 


Leisa Audette at 100 Percent FED Up has more:

Even though attendance is expected to be down by half, this will still be a great turnout considering the coronavirus pandemic alerts everywhere. Masks will not be mandated at this event.





The governor of South Dakota has taken on the pandemic by doing the opposite of what states like Michigan have done. Governor Kristi Noem has been an outspoken advocate for going about life as normal and has seen only 175 deaths in her state:

“The story and that needs to be told, is that I trusted my people, they trusted me, they took personal responsibility for dealing with this virus, and we are doing very well. Not only do we have one of the lowest death rates, we’ve got about 40 people in the hospital today statewide, our infection rates are low, our job losses are low, our economy is doing better than virtually any other state, and I think it’s a real testimony to what could have been possible in other states, but those governors just made the wrong decisions.”


She recently held a gathering at Mount Rushmore for President Trump without fear of an outbreak and is now 100% in on the Sturgis Rally. Governor Noem tweeted:


Governor Noem has this to say to Fox News‘ Laura Ingraham about standing up to the people trying to keep America shut down:

“That is exactly what is happening…we are allowing them to take control of our country in a way that we haven’t seen before, so we need a few people to stand up, read our history, talk about the importance of our Constitution and the fact that these governors need to recognize that they need to uphold those freedoms that we hold so dear and don’t know these people to take care of their families and make the right decisions and deal with this virus, much like we do every other challenge that comes our way and Americans tackle it together.”


Governor Noem released a statement on August 7th:




Stay safe out there patriots and have a great time!

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