“Back Of The Line!” Gretchen Whitmer’s Husband Gets Big Surprise When He Tries To Use His Unpopular Wife’s Name To Take Cuts In Front Of Other Customers Waiting To Have Boats Put In Water

By: 100 Percent FED Up

As part of her April 9, executive order, Michigan’s unpopular Governor Gretchen Whitmer banned travel for Michigan residents between their primary home and vacation homes. Northern Michigan, a popular vacation destination, where many Michigan residents own vacation homes was considered off-limits for Michigan residents. Curiously, the order did not apply to residents of other states, including COVID-19 hot spot states like New York, Washington, or California.

From Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s Executive Order No. 2020-42:

Individuals may also travel:
To return to a home or place of residence from outside this state.
To leave this state for a home or residence elsewhere.
Between two residences in this state, through April 10, 2020. After that date, travel between two residences is not permitted.
All other travel is prohibited, including all travel to vacation rentals.


As a result of Governor Whitmer’s broad lockdown orders, businesses across the state are suffering, many are saying they will be unable to reopen, even when the shutdown has ended. Owners of businesses in northern Michigan and in Michigan’s upper peninsula were baffled by the governor’s blanket shutdown orders, saying her decision to shut down businesses in areas with few or even no cases of COVID-19 made little to no sense to them.

On April 15, Operation Gridlock, Michigan’s first protest against the governor’s overreaching lockdown orders, drew over 10,000 vehicles to Lansing. Governor Whitmer’s response to the protest, organized by Michigan Conservative Coalition, was to threaten protesters by warning she would shut down the state’s economy even longer. Whitmer followed through on her promise, extending her shutdown orders four more times since her original executive order. Only yesterday, Michigan’s Democrat governor extended her lockdown order again, this time, through June 12.

On May 18, Governor Whitmer surprised Michiganders when she announced she would allow certain parts of northern Michigan and the upper peninsula to partially reopen in advance of Memorial Day weekend. Whitmer implored people to consider staying home during the holiday weekend to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to northern Michigan.


Whitmer did urge people to be smart, and not go rushing Up North during the Memorial Day weekend

“The whole state is watching to make sure we get this right,” she said during the press conference.



Many are now questioning why Whitmer would tell people not to go rushing up-north after it was discovered that two days before her announcement to partially open businesses in northern Michigan, her husband’s vehicle along with another SUV was seen parked in the driveway of their vacation home on Birch Lake in Antrim County.

Conservative radio host, Randy Bishop shared images of the vehicles parked in front of the governor’s residence on Birch Lake on Facebook.

The Gateway Pundit ran the plates in the photo and confirmed that at least one of the vehicles parked in the driveway belongs to Mark Mallory, Gretchen Whitmer’s husband.




Yesterday, an employee of North Shore Dock, in northern MI, a company that provides boat and dock services in northern Michigan, including the Birch Lake area, shared an interesting story about a phone call the North Shore Dock company received, allegedly from Governor Whitmer’s husband, Dr. Mark Mallory.

So today put a smile on my face, as most of your know we install docks, store boats etc. This morning I was out working when the office called me, there was a gentleman on hold who wanted his boat in the water before the weekend. Being memorial weekend and the fact that we started working 3 weeks late means there is no chance this is going to happen.

Well, our office personnel had explained this to the man and he replied: “I am the husband to the governor, will this make a difference?”


The employee (his name has been blacked out to protect his privacy) continued:

As you can imagine, that does make a difference, that would put you at the back of the line!!! Needless to say, our Governor and her husband will not be getting their boat for memorial day.


He added:

Too good not to share, I love it when karma comes around, even in small doses.



To summarize, Michigan’s Democrat governor has placed the entire state of Michigan under lockdown for several weeks.  On the same day that she announced she would be reopening businesses in certain areas of northern Michigan, which includes the area where her vacation home is located, her husband’s vehicle is seen parked in their driveway. Two days later, when businesses that have been shut down for months are allowed to reopen, Governor Whitmer’s husband calls North Shore Dock company and asks to take cuts in front of common Michiganders, because he’s the husband of the woman who shut down their business in the first place.

North Shore Dock, LLC put out a statement on Facebook a few hours ago, confirming that Governor Whitmer’s husband did call their business and ask to have his boat put in the water. According to the North Shore Dock Facebook post, he was told he would not be given preferential treatment and that he would have to wait in line like everyone else, adding, “ALL of our customers are valued, and we cannot place you in front of others who scheduled earlier.”


Here is the North Shore Dock’s post:

As everyone knows, weather in Northern Michigan is always changing and often is unpredictable. Spring 2020 has been another year for the record books. After the early Spring and relatively mild Winter NorthShore Dock began our Spring install season early and ready to take on the world— and then Covid-19 happened. After the government-mandated shutdown, we opened 5 weeks later with the same number of customers wanting their docks and boats, but with less time to get them in! Every year it is a puzzle to meet the requested dates and with the recent happenings, it made it even more interesting.

After a long day of keeping crews running, adhering to the additional safety regulations that need to be in place to operate our small business, and fielding calls from customers frustrated with our lagging installation schedule I was told that the Governor’s husband called asking for install availability. Up until this point we as a company had no idea we installed their dock or boat. I did not choose to ignore or change any plans we had. We simply let him know— Sorry, we have a lot going on with very little time to get it done. We will get you in line to install as soon as we can, ALL our customers are valued and we cannot place you in front of others who scheduled earlier. This answer was met with respect and understanding.


Was karma in play? Maybe. The post about this incident was made on a personal page and has gone viral. It has since been removed as it has caused our already busy days before the holiday to be INSANE. As much as we know you would all like to talk press, we do not have time. We have work to do and we have a business to run. Thank you to those who have shared their support.

Michigan residents and specifically our NorthShore Dock followers— we wish you health, happiness, and SUNSHINE. We hope you enjoy your time here in Northern Michigan and we are happy to help with any dock, boat, or storage needs. We hope to enjoy Summer 2020!




Meanwhile, reports are coming out of nursing homes in northern Michigan that suggest the majority of COVID cases were diagnosed in nursing homes, where Governor Whitmer’s office was shipping COVID positive patients reportedly from downstate.

Here’s the WXYZ report of Gretchen Whitmer asking people not to rush up-north, warning that it could “erase a lot of the progress made” in the spread of COVID-19 in Michigan:



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