AOC Drops F-Bomb During Tirade On House Floor, Accuses GOP Lawmaker Of Accosting Her: ‘He Called Me A F***ing B**ch’ (VIDEO)

Opinion| It’s been a while (maybe a week or so) since our favorite Congressperson, New York Democrat Representative, and socialist central planning mastermind, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, did something worthy of our attention.

Ironically, the only reason she is relevant to the news cycle right now is because she accused a male colleague of … calling her a mean name … yes, seriously.


So, as the story goes, one of her peers, a Republican member of Congress from Florida, Ted Yoho (Yoho, a pirate’s life for him … sorry, I had to) had the poor taste to call AOC a ‘f***ing b**ch’ to her face on Capitol Hill … allegedly. Apparently this is newsworthy … seeing as we don’t really break news, we just comment on the zeitgeist, we will take the media’s word for it.


Feminists are always talking about ‘equality’, however, something tells me it is not ‘equality’ that they are after, but rather preferential treatment. Why do I think this?


Well, for starters, if this obscure Congressman had told Chuck Schumer he was an ‘asshole’ a ‘d*ck head’ … or anything short of the ‘K word’ no one would know. Perhaps they would not know because I doubt that even Chuck would try to turn that into a news story, or, if he did try, no one would care.


Ocasio-Cortez wants to be above criticism, yet able to cast stones at any and everyone who disagrees with her. That’s not equality, ma’am.


Quite frankly, I could care less if he called her the ‘C-word.’ I think it would reflect poorly on him and is in poor taste (as is calling her a ‘f***ing b*tch) but … who cares, in case you guys have not stepped outside your elitist bubble, those of us with real jobs and bills, the ones who fill the government bosom, upon which you suckle, are being bankrupted one by one due to … well, I’m not allowed to say why if I want to keep my FB pages.


It seems that AOC needed the spotlight so badly that she thought it would be a good idea to talk about the mean name she was allegedly called (no cameras or audio recordings of the alleged encounter have surfaced as of yet, to my knowledge) that she decided to read the allegations into the Congressional record.


Yes, I’m serious.


The Gateway Pundit opined:

‘A reporter claimed, without any evidence, that after Yoho and AOC had a heated exchange over the NY Rep’s claims that poverty was driving the recent violence in NYC, Yoho offered some parting words as he walked away and said, “f*cking bitch.”

No one caught this encounter on video.

Rep. Yoho denied he made the vulgar remark to AOC and told CNN in a statement that he actually said her policies are “bullshit.”


Rep. Yoho apologized for the heated exchange, however AOC won’t let it go.’

I know you think I’m lying. I know you want to watch her act like a 7 year old on the House floor … so we included the video below … enjoy!

WATCH (language warning):



Watch AOC’s full remarks- if you want!



???? Way to go New York, you guys really have it all figured out, de Blasio, Cuomo and AOC … what could possibly go wrong?!

Rep. Yoho denies the language but admits he did question her positions on many matters.


Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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