Another Trashy Musician Claims Our Nation Is All About White Supremacy…” When You’re Born In This Country, We All Drink The Poison That Is White Supremacy”

OPINION By: Chris “Badger” Thomas at RIGHT WING TRIBUNE

Pop superstar Lady Gaga has made the baffling claim that people who are born in the United States are all fed white supremacy ideology. The singer added that she supports the social justice activism taking place around the country and hopes that it will continue to grow.


Breitbart reports that in a lengthy Billboard interview, Lady Gaga said that she is trying to learn and unlearn things that she’s been exposed to her entire life.


Lady Gaga was born in New York and has a history of not only supporting Black Lives Matter but donating to them as well.


As the publication, InStyle reported, Gaga added that she applauds the “brave citizens of this nation that are speaking up,” as well as “the unsupported voices of the Black community.”


“Here are some of the important advocacy organizations I’m donating to in support of this continuous fight for racial and social justice,” she concluded. “I encourage you to learn about the important work they do and how you can get involved. Black Lives Matter.



As a very rich white female it is comical that she is so disgusted over “white privilege” as she lives a life of luxury behind a gated community.


Breitbart continued, The Grammy and Oscar-winning star said that she hopes social justice activism continues to grow “louder.”


“Social justice is not just a literacy, it’s a lifestyle,” she said. “What do I think about [posting] a black square? I think everybody has a different feeling about a black square. Do I think there’s such a thing as performative activism? Yes. Do I think there’s been true activism that’s been very important and needed? Yes. Do I believe Black lives matter? Yes. Do I believe this is going to get louder? Yes. Do I believe it should? Yes.”


What does posting a black square mean? Well it turns out that it means, according to Vox:


The “Blackout Tuesday” campaign began as a push for a day of reflection from music artists and labels in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, in Minneapolis last Monday. But almost immediately after the campaign started, countless Instagram users uploaded solid black squares in solidarity and added a #BlackLivesMatter hashtag. That meant the new Blackout Tuesday posts showed up as rows and rows of black squares on the Instagram page for #BlackLivesMatter. Many offered little to no context or information about the movement or demonstrations.


Lady Gaga’s comments on race echo those she made in June when she recorded a message for YouTube’s “Dear Class of 2020” event.


The singer said the “racist seeds” of America have become “trees that grew prejudice branches and oppressive leaves and mangled roots that buried and entrenched themselves deep within the soil.” Breitbart reported.



Clearly this is another case of a musician with more money and very little intelligence that does not understand what is really going on in our nation as well as what Black Lives Matter Global Conglomeration is all about.


Our nation and our citizens are divided and broken right now, the riots and looting along with the extreme violence are happening because those with power and money keep force feeding racism and lies down the throats of our nation.


H/T – Right Wing Tribune

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

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