Americans Across The Country Are Fuming As Pelosi And Biden Live It Up In Lockdown

To the good folk in the Heartland, the political elite sure seem cowardly.

By: Sarah Cowgill at Liberty Nation

Nothing incenses heartlanders and flyover folks more than lazy, overpaid flapjaws living off the backs of hardworking, responsible, and sensible Americans. Well, that is of course unless the presumptive Democratic nominee for United States president finally decides to come out of hiding and reply to accusations levied at him for sexual assault. His response didn’t fly in flyover country.


Swamp Things On Vacay – Or The “Ewws” Have It

After House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) went on The Late Late Show to boast about denying Americans a much-needed passage of COVID-19 aid and gushing about her $24,000 fridge stocked with gourmet $14 a pint ice cream, she called off returning to Congress because it would be too dangerous.



With millions of Americans out of work, Pelosi’s “Let them eat cake” moment had already fired up the common folk to attack her now irreparably tarnished name on social media. But adding in the staycation for all continually employed and highly paid House members, well, that simmering pot finally boiled right over – spitting and steaming from sea to shining sea. Her ears must surely be burning.

Our friend in the Buckeye state, PA Arnold, lamented on past performance of the House Democrats, “She can’t get back to work—because two years have been spent bleeding out the nation’s treasury, and hating the President—not doing the job for which she has collected phenomenal monies.” And if that wasn’t enough, dad-gummit, she continued, “If the country is very fortunate, they will stay gone until the day after the election, returning only to turn in their security badge!”


Tucson’s Kari Garber was obviously offended of Pelosi’s holier than thou attitude as well. “She’s not returning because it’s too dangerous. You know how many essential workers are working with underlying health conditions? Like you are so much more important than those people? Stay home permanently hag … (deleted due to strong language) … when you are the most non-essential person on the planet.”

But it was Renee Wilson in Fenton, MO, that ratcheted up the “eww” factor, saying, “She’ll wipe her nose, then put that same hand, on a podium, but won’t come back to work? How much more do people need to see she needs to be voted out?”


Biden Campaign: Circle The Wagons


disease is wreaking havoc with presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden. It’s not COVID-19. It’s foot and mouth and past transgressions disease haunting the Democrat who seeks to unseat Donald Trump. And an already overworked and perhaps overwrought campaign staff are circulating encyclopedia stylebooks of talking points in hopes of keeping minions and media on the same page.

As Mr. Biden finally emerged from the security of “other folks talking for him,” he appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to address accusations by former staffer Tara Read. Miss Reade’s story bubbling up out the quagmire finally forced left-biased media outlets to demand an answer from the man himself.


Co-host Mika Brzezinski asked the seemingly frustrated Biden why he won’t just search for Tara Reade’s name to see what’s in the files sequestered at the University of Delaware.

He tapped danced like Fred Astaire around that landmine – if Astaire had two left feet. Despite Mika’s insistence he should just go the full monty on personnel records, Biden stuck to his story:


“Look, Mika, she said she filed a report. She has her employment records still. She said she filed a report with the only office that would have a report in the United States Senate at the time. If a report was ever filed, it was filed there, period.”


In other words, he denied the accusations and now he was over it and everyone should just shut their traps. Or, as Robert Huckaby in Lubbock, TX, observed, the man was short-tempered because “he wasn’t coached on that particular question.”

Reade’s story has been corroborated by at least five other people, including another of then-Senator Biden’s DC staff. That being said, Biden is a Democrat, and some folks didn’t buy his denial and lambasted the waste of screen time


“That was one of the most horrifically bad political interviews I have ever seen,” lamented Todd Versteegh, from Cedar, IA. And no one called out, “hey Fat,” and label him a “liar.”

But it was Sue Adam, a proud and firmly planted midwestern horsewoman, that summed up her opinion on Biden’s dilemma with flair and fun:


“I had to laugh when he said he didn’t remember anything like this taking place. Well, he can’t remember what office he is running for, he can’t remember what state he is campaigning in and he can’t remember who his wife is and who his sister is. So, did you expect a different answer? I mean if he doesn’t remember, it didn’t happen. RIGHT? lol This interview didn’t help him in the least.”


November Is Right Around The Corner

As Pelosi and her fellow fearful elected representatives hole up in cushy digs and shop online without worry as their hefty paychecks continue to roll in – and as Joe Biden hangs out in his basement and lets his wife and his campaign do the heavy lifting– Americans watch their savings bleed out as they struggle to put food on the table and pay the bills. To the good folks in the flyover states, the political elites sure seem cowardly. November is right around the corner – and you can bet they will get out the vote.


This article originally appeared at Liberty Nation and was republished with permission.

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